About Us

Lodeware Team

We are a team of seasoned professionals working in IT industry since 90s.  

The best part about our leadership team is that we are also friends and colleagues for many years and we continue to achieve great things together. 

We have experience working across garden variety of sectors, including global  IT, Finance, Logistics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors, and EU and US governments.

So let us catapult your business to success beyond imaginable!  


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Our Company

Lodeware products and services support transformation through actionable insights, business agility, and customer centricity.

Lodeware offers competitive solutions that can be used, for instance, to enter the Contra Finance Market.  We built it because during our research of the existing FinTech we found supporting this market was overpriced, slow to implement and unable to follow the companies’ evolving requirements. Lodeware was created out of necessity as current market expectations are turning more towards instant gratification and instant delivery and cannot spend year(s) waiting for an idea to hit the market.

We designed Lodeware by using our combined expertise in large IT implementations over the last 20 years. We know what is important and what the competition is not doing well. We have a proven track record, not just with this service but throughout our careers through various implementations in some very complex and challenging organizations.

We’ve built Lodeware with Service management best practices in mind while carefully considering an optimized Customer Journey in order to drive up stakeholder value with the service provisioned.

We build all our apps with the best service management practices in mind (ITILv3/4) to optimize processes, teaching them about how to do queue management, payment processing, workflow management to mature the customer operations working in the system.

Create internal/operational efficiencies
Improve business process outcomes
Reduce time to market
Drive innovation
Drive revenue growth
Achieve strong consulting partnership
Increase product functionality and performance
Enhance financial/organizational viability
Provide strong services expertise


Aspiring Global Leader in disruptive innovations which catapult any business to success.


To save the business world from operational inefficiencies.

Our Core Values

We say what we can do, and what we cannot do. We take responsibility to follow through with our commitments. We are reliable and honest and we strive to exceed our client’s expectation.

We strive for continual improvement on our core knowledge and skills.We learn from our partners and share our knowledge, gaining better mutual understanding and leveraging our strengths.

Our mantra is that when going gets tough, the tough get going.  We love solving puzzles and unresolved business challenges. We thrive on challenges and finding solutions to unresolved yet fundamentally important problems.  This is how Lodeware was born. No challenge is too big for us.

We provide the best services and products to our clients. We are loyal and hardworking with uncompromised quality standards and worth ethics. 

We work hard and play hard. We create stimulating and positive environment where our team members can be at their best and deliver best products and services to our customers.