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At Lodeware, we specialize in building enterprise level applications on BMC’s Helix Platform and Innovation Suite.

By partnering with BMC, our solutions provide the freshest in SaaS technology on the market. Let us show you how we can help you drive your digital transformation initiatives by supporting your business process and activities with agility, security, and with the flexibility to optimize your process as fast as your business world changes!

BMC Helix Platform is a cloud-based platform that provides a set of tools and services for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise-grade applications. It is designed to help organizations build and deploy modern, digital applications that can help them transform their business operations and deliver better customer experiences.

BMC Helix Platform Technical Highlights

Overall, BMC Helix Platform is a powerful platform that can help organizations accelerate their digital transformation efforts and build innovative, customer-focused applications. We are the BMC experts who can innovate with you!


The platform is built using a cloud-native architecture, which means that it can scale automatically to meet the needs of even the largest organizations.


Built-in security features and role based access models. Security groups: Regular, Computed, Dynamic, Explicit or Implicit. Secure data at rest, Stored Encrypted or Hashed per column.


BMC Helix Platform includes integration capabilities that allow developers to easily connect their applications with other systems and services, including third-party APIs.


The platform includes a low-code development environment that allows developers to build applications quickly and easily.

The platform is also designed to support DevOps and agile development methodologies, allowing developers to rapidly iterate and deploy new features and updates.


BMC Helix Platform includes AI and automation capabilities that can help organizations automate repetitive tasks and improve their overall efficiency.

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