Channel Enablement

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Manage and optimize your channel enablement initiatives in a powerful SaaS solution!

Complete and Integrated Life cycle
for any channel(s) enablement of your choice

Capabilities Highlights​

Lodeware is Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that works as a standalone platform, with no installation required. The mobile version will keep up with your active work style offering live statuses and email notifications of your campaigns. Save more time taking actions directly from the email notifications received.

Although Lodeware is ready to support every organization, large or small, from day one, we understand that each and every organization is unique. Our Agile project approach allows us to quickly adapt to changing business needs and facilitate value creation.

Lodeware seamlessly grows as your business evolves. As a SaaS solution, Lodeware enables an unbounded scalability without requiring you to invest in hardware or software. Intuitive and transparent to use, ensures quick onboarding and less time spent training staff.

Focus on what needs your attention, a dashboard gives a live view of what you choose to see. BI platform is already included in all packages which will allow you to observe efficiency of your processes at different stages. Ensure your Critical Success Factors have been met by tracking your Key Performance Indicators.

API connectivity is a translator and an enabler of the communication between two or more different IT solutions. With wide support of the industry-standard interface, we can link Lodeware to any other platforms from the existing business ecosystem. The entire integration process will be guided by our customer support team, providing best practices for interoperability, and solving any technical issues. LodeWare uses contemporary industrial standards, and highly customizable plug-and-play API delivered in the cloud, to enable seamless integration with the partners IT systems. Integration with the partners Single Sign On enables users to use an internal set of login credentials for accessing LodeWare system, which boosts productivity, security control. Integration with the partners CRM system, for multi-directional exchange of the data over LodeWare platform, keeps partners aligned on sales opportunities and facilitates cooperation.

We provide world class service, available on demand, including issue resolutions, request fulfillment, training, knowledge management, configuration and any other aspect you may need assistance with.

Lodeware is by design based on the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the data. We protect your sensitive, private information from unauthorized access. At the same time, we protect your data from deletion or modification from any unauthorized party. All activities touching the data within the platform are audited and can be reported.


Stop using email and multiple spreadsheets to manage your money. Bring any and all your budget planning processes, whether they are currently on or offline, to one integrated platform. Perform any calculations and forecasts for your spendings directly in the tool. Create a segregated view of your expenses by product, territory, sales, or any other methodology used by your organization.

Why plan projects through email, powerpoint and other offline methods? Do everything online while fully collaborating with your partners on a Single Source of Truth data set. Large, long term campaigns or just a quick activity?
No Problem! Any additions, modifications and deletions are fully auditable and traceable and are immediately visible to all parties. Set the agreement details and collaborate with your partners in real time. Once an agreement has been reached, send the plan for approval.

No matter what your approval process looks like, we can support you. Easily review and approve of your marketing campaigns either through the platform directly or if you prefer via email or on your mobile device. Review the history to see who approved already and when. Support your partners through live chat (optional), directly on platform or via email throughout their execution of the planned activities.

All your partners can have access to a personalized one-stop partner portal where they can review all the agreements made, track their claims and payments, and request status updates. Our support team will provide just in time assistance at your convenience. Partners may certify their achievements in a few easy steps, uploading proofs instead of sending email attachments.

Upon completion of planned activities, reward your partners’ efforts with an easy to manage claiming process and even payments preparation on the platform. LodeWare has a Tax and entity management workflow, respecting fiscal laws, to automate manual tasks and reduce the risk of wrong payments. No matter how you interact with your partners, we can certainly support you to ensure the best possible customer journey.