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We create custom, low-code,
turn-key, end-to-end deployed solutions for any business process, across multiple industries.



Our team of seasoned professionals can assist in the holistic phases of planning, designing, implementing, and supporting your solution.


Custom Application Development

At Lodeware we create custom, turn-key, end-to-end deployed solutions for any business process in multiple industries.

If your business is suffering from heritage software and archaic, in-house solutions, we can help!. Our expertise developing in a modern, low-code development platform enables us to achieve a fast transition to cutting edge SaaS multi-platfrom accessable software to drive your business. The ability to create a cost effective solution, migrate old data into a cloud based, flexible, and powerful multi-platform compatible SaaS solution is the key to longevity in a continually changing technological landscape.

Rebuild your existing applications with modern flexibility, security, and enhancements. We will ensure that what is working today, will work even better tomorrow.

Our expertise in designing and building custom business solutions is extensive. We can bring your ideas into reality with industry leading idea-to-market speed.

Ongoing system maintenance, upgrade, and enhancement For continued performance optimization, changes and security control, Lodeware offers ongoing services to keep your system up-to-date and running smoothly.

Our custom support and maintenance services are tailored to balance your organizational needs in a cost effective solution.

Our lean methods bring value by minimizing wasted time and effort through reviewing and streamlining complex processes.

(Re)building visual process flows provide insight into opportunities for process optimization through simplification of workflow steps and/or using automation to avoid bottlenecks caused by redundancy, unnecessary steps, and complex or time sensitive manual procedures.

By utilizing automation to streamline your workflow, the competency brought by the service is enhanced.
Our team comes in with the approach and methodologies which are designed to reduce risks, reduce friction, increase productivity, reduce expenses and promote efficiency.

Consulting and Professional Services

Lodeware project managers provide the leadership and skills to oversee the implementation of your new infrastructure. We can plug in our experience with your existing team at any level, to consult and optimize your project management processes.Our expertise in organizing and developing efficient, cost-effective transition plans can be a resource for your business to overcome challenges in your project management processes.

The consultants at Lodeware give your team the guidance to adopt and follow a customized project management process, maximizing your operational efficiency and improving your results. We strive to help you effectively coordinate your project teams on critical business transformations. Communication with stakeholders is a critical component of change to any organization, and our experience with numerous projects in a variety of organizations has continued to reinforce how important it is to have a comprehensive plan that sets the stage for not just awareness, but involvement of the teams affected.

Our team brings unique implementation and transformation project management experience. That experience comes from overcoming the unique obstacles in our past projects working in various industries, including Information Technology consulting, manufacturing, US Federal Government, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, broadband. From impending deadlines to budgetary constraints and beyond, our consultants understand how to step into your business and adapt their plans to manage your challenging projects efficiently to ensure they effectively drive successful conclusions.

The implementation plan is important; getting to the cutover date is stressful and can be extremely fast paced.

We also emphasize the post-implementation support in our projects, to ensure a transformation all the way through to a routine, steady-state environment.

Our goal is to not just get TO the cutover, but to a new and consistent routine.

The Lodeware team brings experience in enabling change in diverse organizations by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to their stakeholders.

By digging into the organization’s processes and workflows, we can help articulate needs and the rationale for change, and design and describe solutions that can deliver value. Specific areas of expertise are in technical systems analysis, process design and optimization, and service management/methodology

We are able to analyze across a variety of initiatives within an enterprise, and whether it is strategic, tactical, or operational, our team has a proven track record of focusing within the boundaries of a project or throughout enterprise evolution to enable continuous improvement. We know how to learn and understand the current state, to define the future state, and to determine the activities required to transform the infrastructure and operating procedures from the current to the future state.

A fundamental component to a successful business function is the ability to keep the teams up and running.

Downtime is frustrating and wasted effort, and that equates to loss of the bottom line. Lodeware offers our expertise and resources to provide world class support in order to keep your business running smoothly.

We will assess your organization and environment to determine how we can most effectively integrate our teams into a seamless organization for consistent, reliable support.

The transitions of new applications and systems requires building comprehensive training programs to ensure the adoption of change is smooth and painless for the teams of people who will have to adapt.

A big challenge when implementing a new business application is the creation of training material, such as Standard Operating Procedures, videos, guides, and Support documentation.

Without this essential component, users of the system will struggle and become frustrated, and our team emphasizes the importance of ensuring this is not overlooked or neglected. Our experience creating training programs from the ground up at some of the top companies in the world has been a fundamental key to success.