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Customer Story : Fortune 500 IT Giant


Public financial audit failure triggered a complete program restructure.
Current financial data was siloed into multiple locations and spread over hundreds of excel files.
Existing technologies were aging and couldn't be upgraded to meet new cybersecurity demands. Many offline activities made it impossible to secure an audit passing.


Worldwide processes optimization, program restructure on a global level and implementation of an end to end process automation using the Lodeware Channel Enablement service.


1. Significant financial cost reduction by optimizing processes and moving away from mutliple tools to one

2. Globalization of processes making them completely auditable end to end process with all actions tracked

3. All reports available in real-time eliminating misalignments of information and making program management a breeze

4. Incredible process speed-up achieved, in some cases, reducing multiple months of manual data entry labor to just a few seconds using mass-upload

5. Thanks to the rapid development speeds enabled by the low/no code platfrom Lodeware service is built upon, team was able to bring to life over 1800 user stories requested by customer, during their major program transformation in just under 2 years


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