What is Demand Generation Marketing Strategy?

Demand generation marketing strategy is meant to drive awareness and fuel interest into a company’s products or services. Campaigns can be standalone initiated by the product owner or in a B2B partnership as a contributor like co-marketing and co-branded activities.

The most essential part of any marketing strategy is the ability to offer solutions to each individual prospect based on their needs. This is the part where the marketing strategy creates a strong connection with sales to empower them through the process of channel enablement.

The mission of the channel enablement process is to increase the level of expertise and boost sales by improving the processes of qualifying leads.

As part of channel enablement strategies, MDFs (market development funds) are the funds redirected to sales partners to be used in various demand generation campaigns.

Digital or print campaigns, events, in store promotions, branded merchandise, funded heads, affiliates and so many other types of campaigns are custom-made based on the type of product to be promoted, on ideal prospects and on potential market opportunities.

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